A fingerprint which leaves a mark.
We believe that every individual is an integral part of social identity and a cornerstone of a better world. This is symbolised by our emblem – the earth’s globe made from a fingerprint.

With this, we want to inspire and empower all young people who wish to co- create positive changes. We aim to show them that they are the ones who can begin to make the world a better place with their unique and unrepeatable personalities, their own will, energy, and desires. Our emblem reflects our story. We believe that the source of all positive change lies in dedicated, committed efforts to find answers for a better society and a better world, in the co-creating of which we all participate, with no excuses. Only together can we be committed to a higher purpose, to be aware as individuals, to be connected and united in seeking the common good, and to strive for well- being and good practices, which can only be achieved with a commitment to genuine sustainable progress and harmonious coexistence. We have only one planet, and in this ‘global village,’ everything we do as individuals leaves a mark, not only on the natural environment but also in every facet of society. Only we ourselves can be the ones who forge the path to change. We do this through our own engagement, by advancing our knowledge, and through active participation in changing negative (social) patterns and practices. That’s why a commitment that goes beyond words is important. That’s why a commitment that stems from the heart is important, one that can build a strong character for a lifetime. That’s why a commitment that leaves a real imprint on the world is important. We leave it in many important areas, areas full of challenges that are crucial for the personal development of young people, the strengthening of personal competencies, and for improving the state of society. We leave it with pride, for a better world, with no excuses.