24 September, Friday. Early dawn. Sunrise over the chilly town of Brežice. Half of the Macedonian team, after being left on the highway and walked for 1 hour, have just arrived at the youth center. Of course, from the wrong side of the entrance so after 30 minutes of confusion and small conversation with the employees we’ve got to knock ourselves to sleep immediately in the surprisingly good (turns out amazing) youth center in Brežice.

My low expectations for the project were smashed by the end of the second day of the project. We have met all the participants, our amazing facilitators and I have to say the most dedicated people to a cause, the Slovenian “No-Excuse” participants and volunteers, surviving and having fun on a youth exchange without drinking, YES, they are doing it! I am truly fascinated and amazed by their pure willpower and dedication to their organization on top of being highly educated and absolutely, amazing people to chill out and have a nice conversation.

I also need to add that the facilitators made, the already interesting topic of sustainable mobility, even more interesting through their knowledge, huge sense of humor and of course the energy of the family. Sometimes on these kind of projects facilitators are fun, but usually they distance themselves, unlike Neja, Vili and Manci who were truly part of the participants in every way.

The highest number of energizers and definitely the funniest energizers on any project I have been to, along with great workshops dedicated specifically to the topic, good coffee (on a youth exchange, can you believe it?) and the good food made the project even more amazing than what I expected.

I personally had an amazing time and probably the only reason I am still not on my post-youth-exchange sadness is that I know we will meet again for the second part of the project.

Of course, there is a ton of happy moments that I will need 496 pages to write it all down, but I will finish my BREXPERIENCE by thanking Neja, Vili and Manci along with the Cypriots, Georgian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Tunisian and the Turkish team for being part of such an amazing project and making the amazing memories together! I cannot wait to see you all again! OHANA! <3



the BREXPERIENCE of Jordan Penchov





Prišel je tisti čas v letu, ko v Brez izgovora odpiramo vrata vsem, ki nas želijo bolje spoznati in se pridružiti naši družini. Čas je,



V ekipi mladinske zveze Brez izgovora iščemo nove okrepitve – študente za izvajanje strokovnih preventivnih delavnic na osnovnih in srednjih šolah predvsem v Ljubljani in v Kopru ter tudi po drugih krajih



Rdeči križ Slovenije vabi na julijsko akcijo darovanja krvi.  Darovanje krvi je nujno potreben in nenadomestljiv način reševanja življenj. V Sloveniji vsakih 5 minut nekdo

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