Seminar on the impact of industries to the health of young people

Join the final seminar of the networking projects among ex-Yugoslavian and South Eastern European countries YU-SEE in Montenegro. Coorganized by CAZAS and No Excuse Slovenia. Apply now to this link!


The idea

The idea of the seminar is to join up between 20 and 30 youth workers and leaders aged 18 to 30 from different parts of Ex-Yugoslavian countries in one place to discuss the role of youth organisations in health promotion among young people, with emphasis on the impact of different industries on their health. Therefore also  Sustainable development plays a very important role.

This seminar is the last act of the networking project YU-SEE that connects youth organizations from six former Yugoslavian states in a partnership. Although we already have anchor partners in all countries, we would like to close up the project and start a new chapter of cooperation with new organizations from the area.

Date and locations

The meeting will take place between 25th and 30th June 2014 in Bar or Cetinje, Montenegro. The 25th and 30th June 2014 are travelling days. Exact location will be communicated by end of May 2014. The draft agenda can be found here.

What we need

We are looking for organizations' representatives, who would like to join as participants at the seminar that will combine presentation of the carried work so far in the newly established YU-SEE network, look more in details in the topics of the seminar, field visit to relevant institutions in Montenegro and decision on our possible common future.

This would mean that by joining the seminar your organization is working either on health or sustainable development or both and is keen to new possibilities of partnership among ex-Yugoslavian countries and broader – in South Eastern Europe.

Eligible organizations

The participants of the Seminar can represent:

  • a non-profit organisation, association, NGO, an European Youth NGO, a social enterprise or other form of non-profit organization;
  • a group of interested young people with experience on the above-mentioned topics;
  • a youth organization or an organization for young persons – the difference is just in age – the first one has 70% of their members and leaders in the age frame of 15 to 30 years, while the second works for this age frame.

In case you would like to join us as a participant/ future partner, fulfill this link not later than 6th June 2014 by midnight. After this time, we will only exceptionally accept new applications with a fee of 20,00 euros payable during the event.

Priority will be given to only one representative of each organization.

What will be the costs?

The organizers will cover 100% of the food, accommodation and local travel during the conference, while the participants will cover 50% of their travel costs. There will be no participation fee, unless you apply after 6th June 2014.

The call can be found here



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