My EVS experience in No Excuse Slovenia

1 year.
365 days.
8760 hours.
525 600 minutes.
31 536 000 seconds.
And it all passes in a heartbeat.


Oh, I cannot believe a year has already passed. It feels like yesterday I was packing my luggage, weighing in on what I should carry to Ljubljana. And here I am today, writing this ''looking back'' article, my luggage (barely) packed.

It was an amazing journey for me to be a part of No Excuse. I met so many great people with big hearts. From the first day I felt welcome and the feeling never left.

When I reflect on the beginning I can see how much EVS in Ljubljana changed me. I am more open, smarter, stronger…

I will really miss this place.

It has become a second home for me, not just for this year but for the future as well. There are too many memories to count, so much knowledge gathered.

I will miss these amazing people that have been with me the whole time, helping me, guiding me, making me laugh and smile on the days when I wasn't feeling good.

I will miss…

My coordinator Tomaž – the guy that pushed me to give the best of myself, to show that I can do it even when I thought it wasn't possible.

My mentor Lucija P. – the girl that made so many awful jokes, told so many love stories that ended comically, the girl that was with me the entire time when I ended up in the hospital.

Disa – the girl with energy of a thousand people, she gave me so much and was always there to toss a funny comment, the girl that noticed my love for elephants.

Petra P. – the girl that made conversation with me even when I was annoying and she was smiling the whole time.

Urška – the president, the rock, the boss. I will miss the conversations that were part English, part Slovenian, part Croatian and them making almost no sense. 

Petra G. – the girl that always has a smile on her face even when outside is terrible, the positive and radiant person whose ''Hi'' always got me a bit more positive each day.

And everyone else who I may have not mentioned but you are here, in each line of this goodbye.

Thank you to everyone, for providing me with a home away from home, a family, friends..

Thank you for all the memories, events, laughs, literatures, lunches, secrets, presents, food, stories and all the photos, videos and social media posts, memes and articles…

Thank you for making this experience the best damn thing that happened to me.

I can say with 100% security that EVS in No Excuse is something special and that I will never forget it.

Who knows? We might cross paths once again…

Sunčica Gašparić, EVS volunteer from Croatia



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