Lilia’s adventure in Brežice, Slovenia

Hearing a lot about the exquisite beauty of Slovenia made me eager to write it down on my “ Must-Visit “ destinations, until the time came. I remember one of the executive board members of my association in Tunisia “ CCAB “ texting me about this new opportunity and giving me the task to form a team as soon as possible. It was quite exciting for me because I was about to mark one of my goals with the “check “ mark , and not only that but also, to learn about sustainable mobility as a completely new theme.

Then time came for the exchange and it all started with wide open eyes ready to connect with the wonderful spirits in front of me. I remember the first laugh and the first conversation that gave birth to a range of brand new friendships that were created within Brezice. Thus, forming our very special “ OHANA” that kept making me feel beyond grateful to meet each and every participant out there. “ OHANA means family.Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten” OHANA!. The same sentence and the same flame of gratifying emotions were filling the air every single day with a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Chilling around Brezice, was literally one of the best parts of the day. That small town was a ray of sunshine that filled me with delight and freshness everytime I stared at any part of it. I remember a list of tasks that we were supposed to complete by evening, and we had at some point to talk with the locals, then BOOM! I was amazed by the way how the Slovenians living there were very welcoming and cheerful enough to make you sense the feeling of belonging. At that moment I realized that I really love that country and that I want to pay it another visit.

Goodbyes were my emotional part, yet I am beyond relieved that I am going to meet all of those amazing souls once again in Turkey just to recreate awesome moments together, because: Once OHANA, forever OHANA. I can not wait to meet them all again and refresh the pleasant connection we had just to feel the power of cultural exchange.


Written by Lilia Khazri





Živjo! Poletje že trka na vrata in bližajo se tudi tabori za otroke in mladostnike v izvedbi Mladinske zveze Brez izgovora Slovenija v Zgornjih Desklah.


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