BLOG: Mentorship research findings

Mentoring, especially in the recent years, seems to have a highly advanced and acknowledgeable role in the effectiveness and general function of youth organizations. The importance of mentorship lies to the facts of better and more effective transition, faster and more accurate implementation of tasks, sustainability of organization’s vision and to a better communication and conflict resolution into the organization.

Mentorship programs may vary in purpose, structure and function. It is up to each organization to set these rules and priorities of a mentorship plan that applies better to its needs and expectations. However, no matter the aim and structure, we have to take into consideration some factors that are important for the successful implementation of any mentorship plan or strategy.

Building a reliable and effective mentorship relation between the mentor and mentee, the preparation phase and the readiness of the mentor, supervision and constant evaluation of the whole project and its progress, techniques and trainings that can ensure the capability of the mentor to face the challenge are some of the parameters that have to be considered as crucial for the mentorship plan to succeed.

This project is financed by Erasmus+ (National agency MOVIT institute for the development of youth mobility)

Michalis Naris and Fernando Bento



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