Apply for the youth seminar on media and health

Apply for a youth seminar in Izola, Slovenia between 24th and 29th September 2015 that will cover the topics of media and health! The application form can be found here.


Today’s youth is exposed to many influences when it comes to establishing a healthy lifestyle and the media is a prime example of such influence. But the media does not necessarily affect the young people in a negative way, as it can also be a positive guide.

Also, youth organizations can be major influence that can play an important role in obtaining a healthy lifestyle among young people by encouraging critical thinking.

There will be 23 youth workers and leaders taking part in this four days’ event, coming from Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Lithuania, Turkey and Slovenia.

The main aim of this seminar is to raise awareness of youth workers and leaders of how important is to promote healthy lifestyle within youth organizations or just take care that the youth organizations do not promote unhealthy behaviors.  The emphasis will be on the influence of media and different industries and what can we do as individuals or youth organizations to counter the negative influence, and at the same time how to use media to our advantage.

Besides tackling health and media, an important goal of the seminar is to connect and exchange good practice between different organizations and have a good time while doing so.


To be able to participate in the Youth Seminar on Media, health and young people, you have to be aged between 18 and 30 years and be a citizen of one of the following countries: Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey or Romania. Participant has to be able to work and discuss in English and attend the seminar for its full duration. It would also be welcome if you have any previous knowledge or experience on this working field to share with us during the official program.


The fee for the seminar is 80,00 euros per person and it covers 100% of the food, accommodation and local travel costs during the seminar.

The participants are expected to arrange their own travel, the costs for which can be reimbursed up to a certain amount. The maximum reimbursable travel costs (per participant) are:

  • € 180 for participants from Croatia and Hungary,
  • € 275 for participants from Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey,
  • € 360 for participants from Estonia, Portugal and Sweden.
Reimbursement of international travel expenses will be made within 90 days after receiving all the return travel documents.


The application form can be found here.

The successfull participants will be notified within a week of applying and asked to transfer the fee within 8 days of notification.

For any additional information please contact us at



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